chicken and duck breeder / supplier

poultry for sale

chickens and ducks for sale from fertile eggs to point of lay hens.

specialist breeds sourced and hatched on request

equipment for sale

we also buy and sell quality used coops & poultry farming equipment.

we hatch many breeds of chickens and ducks.
if there is a particular breed you require we will happily source the eggs, incubate them and then deliver your babies at whatever age you would like up to point of lay.

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starter kits available

complete hobby farmer starter kits for sale which includes:

  • eggs
  • incubator
  • brooder
  • coop
  • and all the accessories you need to get started.

we also supply:

  • feed
  • housing
  • runs
  • incubators
  • bedding
  • hay
  • and many other accessories at very low prices

call 07970 705281 now to find out more